Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Branding & New Products

Hello. Art By People have been beavering away behind the scenes for a while now. Working hard creating a new look for our website and products. We have gone all crazy about stencil art thats handsprayed using aerosols individually to order. For the last few years we have been mastering the technique and now feel confident and proud with the results.

Each handsprayed artwork you buy from us is totally unique, and wont ever go into mass production. What you buy will be very rare. Click this link to check out the range of handsprayed artworks now available.

Thanks for reading folks, more updates next month

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Canvas Colour is Back!

At Art By People we are always watching trends and changes in style. Over the last two months there has been a definite change in the canvas art pictures sold on our web site. Perhaps it is the change of seasons or a change in mood, but the number of canvas art pictures with colour packed up for sending to our customers is on the up and up.

I recently had one client who has changed all of his pictures and carefully selected our brightest images. This started me thinking and a trawl through the magazines and a good look at the windows of the high street confirms the trend. I guess that the move from the minimal to the use of colour in the home is here to stay.

Looking at our web site you will find artbypeople pictures in a wide range of colours. I have even included a colour picker to help you choosing pictures to suit the mood of a room.

Buttercups by Martin Shelley

Colour effects our attitude to life and there is a whole study of colour and psychology. In time of recession we all need cheering up. Our pictures are all competitively priced. Another good reason to visit the web site.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Art By People Profile - Martin Shelley's canvas pictures

One of our latest discoveries, Martin Shelley is a retired Art teacher who worked tirelessly helping young people develop their artistic talents. Only recently Martin Shelley has begin, at last, to produce work of his own again. He has a wide range of tecniques and is able to produce a range of work. There is often a humourous quality to his work.

Already ,some of the underlying personal gifts that he has are delighting us. There is a strong use of colour and texture in the canvas art work that reflects the current decorative and design trends. We like the work he is now producing and have seen some of the sketches and designs planned for the coming year.He has already produced three new art works that will soon be available as canvas art pictures

Art By People passionately believe that there are many creative people that deserve to have their work more widely seen and appreciated. By buying their work from us, you are having the opportunity to own some of the work of that miriad of people who have nurtured the artistic world.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Fresh Stencil Art: Michael Jackson 'Moonwalk' handsprayed picture Canvas

Fresh new artwork from Art By People. A handsprayed Michael Jackson 'The King of Pop' iconic portrait from his Moonwalking days onto a large 80 x 60cm canvas. A tribute to one of the most innovative singer, song writers and dancers of the past 40 years.

Its a beautiful and tasteful black and white graffiti style execution, handsprayed carefully using a series of delicate hand cut stencils and top notch spraypaint. Each canvas we produce is totally unique and at the mercy of the mood of the artist on the day and the wind speed in the air (which dictates the end paint pattern on the cotton canvas).

For such an iconic figure as Michael Jackson uniqueness is key. Lots of other on line sellers have developed MJ art but all are prints and reproductions. Art By People wont produce many of these as the stencils quickly ware out. So its first come first served get in quick 'This is it!'

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Recession Buster – Refresh Your Home With Canvas Wall Artwork

The product of canvas wall artwork is gaining popularity in the industry of home decoration throughout the world. The use of a number of designs, particualry triptych three piece designs, are becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of designs you can use as canvas wall art prints & pictures. Often these canvas artwork designs can be tweaked and changed by the manufacturer to match perfectly your interior decorations and wall paper.

If you are looking for effective and exclusive canvas wall art prints, there are two main choices. You can buy ready made prints on canvas by selecting one of the thousands of pictures found on the web being sold in online galleries. Art By People provide a wide range of choices for you to consider. You can get exquisite wall art pieces by going for sports, portraits, graffiti stencil and also landscape canvases.

Or you can either get personal photos printed on canvas to form canvas artworks. These photos can be used to create exclusive canvas art pieces to personalize your modern living space. There are a number of ways in which you can use these photos. You can get them as print to canvas. Or you can also form a designed funky montage of selective pictures to for a great unusual canvas print.

Art By People are one of the biggest UK players in the field of canvas art and wall art. We provide you with stylish print to canvas that can be yours for generations. The secrets behind these print to canvas is very straightforward. We use the best quality cotton canvas and inks when we are creating your wall arts. The cotton canvas we use provides your wall arts with an artistic hue that looks wonderfully authentic. The inks we use are also of a superior quality to most other online galleries. This results in your wall art retaining its richness and intense looks for years to come. We also coat your canvas arts with a special UV coating that prevents wearing of the piece due to sun exposure.

It is very easy to get canvas wall art from Art By People. Just go online and upload your picture on our site. We will have your canvas art ready in a few days, ready to be hung on your walls. You will also find cheap prices are prevalent in the Art By People store when you are considering creating a canvas art prints. Price is key as the world economy slows. Art By People have the cheapest prices around on the web, guaranteed.

About us: Art By People are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of exclusive canvas wall art prints

Canvas Art Prints - delivered to your wall by DHL

Hello. Art By People have switched couriers in the UK to the super efficient DHL. Top notch service by this world leading courier company. Delivery takes a day so if you order before 11am on a Monday the plan is to have your canvas artwork delivered to you by the following day.

The only exception to the rule is the smaller canvases and pictures we stock as these will continue to be delivered using Royal Mail standard parcels.

We plan on expanding our operations to deliver worldwide in the very near future. More to follow on that one.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Muhammad Ali Canvas Art Stencil on a Cool Retro Duck Egg Print

We love this.... take a duck egg blue classic retro stripes canvas and then get Muhammad Ali to smash the living cripes into the stripes with one of his trademark blunderbuss punches. 

The iconic Muhammad Ali picture is hand-sprayed stencil onto a top grade canvas print. Its a knockout and highly original execution of arguably the greatest boxer and sportsman to ever live. 

Each canvas is then finished with the cool Art By People branding on the right hand 4cm frame. For more info on prices and size visit our website please.


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