Friday, 26 September 2008

Canvas Wall Art - How's it hanging? Tips and Hints.

Firstly, make sure you hang your canvas art in full view!

Always ensure that you have a central wall point for the canvas so that you can stand back and fully appreciate it. Ensure that your art has a good 'viewing area'.
Avoid things like hanging large canvas prints in narrow corridors, as you won't be able to stand far back enough to take in the full image properly.
As a general rule, add the height and width of a print together, then ensure that you can stand at least that distance back from the wall on which you want to hang your print. For example if you have a large print, say 100cm by 100cm, then ideally you would need to be able to stand back at least 200cm to view it properly. However a smaller print, say one from our 50cm x 50cm range, is much more suited to a narrow hallway, corridor or bathroom.

Click here for info on how to care for your Canvas Art:Canvas Art Care


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