Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Canvas Wall Art Prints – A revolution in design, decoration and display.

They say a picture paints a thousand words? We agree, and if your talking modern wall pictures for your contemporary home you cant go far wrong than considering a canvas artwork for your living space or office. There are a plethora of canvas art on line galleries small and large out there - all of them offering different services at different prices. This article is aimed at providing a balanced view of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of canvases. We hope these somewhat abstract words of wisdom will help you in your quest to choose a great canvas art print for yourself.

A canvas print, also known as a stretched canvas or canvas art, is the result of an image printed onto a canvas which is stretched, or gallery wrapped onto a frame and displayed. Many sellers offer canvas art either stretched or unstretched. Stretched canvas takes the hassle out of the process for the buyer. Generally the canvas will be ‘wall ready’ straight out of the shipping box. However often you can save a little bit of cash buy asking for your canvas print to be shipped unframed, your print will probably arrive in a tube and you will then need to hand build a frame before hanging. I would always recommend spending a little extra of your hard earned cash on getting your canvas print framed. This way your leaving it to the experts to do what they do best.

Historically reproductions of original artwork have been printed onto canvas for many decades using what’s commonly known as offset printing in the trade. In recent years the industry has exploded with the ever growing popularity of inkjet printers and digital photographic devices. Modern large format printers can print up to huge sizes upto 60 inches in width. This size and scale of canvas printing has meant an almost endless scope for design and decoration of photographic images and artwork. Walk into any contemporary restaurant these days and you can almost guarantee that you will find a huge macro focused image of the chef’s latest culinary delight.

The growth of the internet in the digital age has had huge ramifications for the services that canvas art retailers can offer to their customers. Web 2.0 has meant development of many user generated software packages that allow anyone to load up photos, do basic effects to those pictures and reproduce them as canvas art prints. Some online canvas art sellers do nothing else other than produce artwork generated by users of their websites. Others have huge artwork catalogues that can be reproduced ‘on demand’ for customers rather than having to be pre made. We always recommend when considering which company to buy your canvas art from to check their delivery schedules before purchase. Some offer services within 48 hours others 2 weeks! Go for the 48hour option as weeks can often run unto months as the work builds up over busy periods.

The process of framing a modern canvas print takes skill and experience to achieve a professional quality finish. Make sure the print is tightly stretched over around the sides of a box stretcher frame when you receive it. Good stretcher frames will be professionally, accurately cut with a sloping profile that minimises contact with the front face of the canvas, preventing the impression marks. Without this slope you may find that over years rather than months the impression marks become so bad as to ruin the actual canvas picture. They should also be adjustable, supplied with tensioning wedges in each inside corner that can be tapped in slightly to allow occasional re-tightening of the canvas. To take the perceived risk out of the ‘buying canvas art’ equation look for sellers that offer no quibble money back guarantees for a period of time after receipt. Not only can you check out the quality against what we recommend in this article but you can also ‘live with’ the canvas wall artwork for a few days to check it matches your wall d├ęcor and contemporary furnishings.

So what type of canvas art seller is best I hear you cry? Unfortunately we don’t have a finite answer for that question but we have a few thoughts on things to look out for. Most wall canvas sellers come from a printing background… great you might think, what could go wrong? Well have a think, and look at the actual artwork they have on offer and compare it to other canvas sellers. You will see some similarities as they will probably buy images from stock photography sellers. As a piece of ‘art’ these canvas prints will be worthless over the long term. They lack a little integrity as they wont be limited editions signed by the artist, as there is no artist! Look out for information on artists, limited edition numbers and so forth, this is usually a good sign for the longevity of value for your canvas wall artwork. Make sure your canvas art retailer has one foot in the printing industry and the other dipped into the art world galaxy!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Cheap Canvas Wall Art - but we never stint on our canvases quality

We are often asked by Customers browsing are online canvas wall art prints gallery if the quality of our products are really that good as our prices are so competitive. A resounding 'yes' is the answer that is always proudly delivered.

Experience and knowledge of the canvas wall art world are key in us being able to offer quality exclusive artwork at a price that is rarely beaten by our competitors. Our manufacturing materials are brought in bulk as we continue to grow as a business. These cost saving are always passed on to our UK canvas art customers. Our sentiment is to create happy customers not browsers ... a happy customer with a great canvas product purchased at a very reasonable price is likely to tell five of their friends about us. With a customer database into the thousands our artistic mission seems to be working so far...

Whats more we offer all of our canvases with a guarantee to you. If you buy anything and then decide you dont like it when you actually get it home then we will provide a full refund within 21 days. Just get the canvas wall art goods back to us in the same perfect condition that they were sent.

Being 'Proud' is a key thing here at Art By People - proud we deliver a great canvas wall art product at a great price to our customers. This 'proudness' helps us to grow.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hare Canvas Art - Animal Prints & Pictures for your Wall

At Art by People we are always on the look out for canvas art pictures that really fit into modern & traditional interiors and are in tune with the interests of today. None more so, that the current picture fascination with that ancient of all creatures, the hare.

In ancient times hares were believed to be the embodiment of Epona, the Goddess of the Moon. This was because they were observed during Autumn and Winter months to sit and stare at the moon, trying to see their own image. When Spring came, the spirit of Epona had entered them and manifest itself in the wild dancing, chasing and boxing of the Mad March Hare.We also discovered that Ojibwe tribe of the Western Great Lakes, Minnesota and North Dakota, consider the hare to have been the first teacher of animals and plants and founder of the art of decoration.

Our artists Martin Shelley and Brian Hollingworth have create pictures that reflect this hare mythology. These are exclusive to us we hope you enjoy !

Mountain Bike Canvas Art - Off the wall or what?

We like to be exclusive in what we do... there aren't many other online galleries that produce mountain bike canvas art work of the qulity of ours. If your a mountain biker, or no someone who is... then you might want to consider our classy canvas art prints range.

Our artwork allows you to bring the adrenalin of the outdoor steep decent into your lounge. Feel the mud and buzz of the countryside with our contemporary range of modern mountain bike canvases.

VW Canvas Wall Art. Volkswagen Campervan Art Picture Specialists.

The iconic VW campervan, one of our favourite retro style objects - treat yourself to some of our VW wall art pictures. We have a large range of classic splitscreen canvases for sale in our store. Some of them are created digitally by our expert designers but our favourite eminates from the brush strokes of one of our highly talented artists (left). Its got great colours and is offered in at a generous size of 50 x 60cm. Perfect to fit the most akward of walls.

Elephant Art on Canvas - Bag a picture for your wall.

The Art By People team love their animals. We are based in rural Malmesbury (Wiltshire) and we are surrounded by the 'picture postcard' fruits of englishness... cows, deer, hare, buzzards and pheasants!

That doesnt stop our art from branching further a field to the vast lands of Africa. Brian Hollingworth, the grandad artist of our business is a specialist in everything elephant, from sculptures, sketchs to paintings. His elephant canvas pictures in our on line art gallery our one of our most popular prints. They are collected internationally and all fit together to make a great elephant art collection.

Want a banksy canvas? Dont buy a ripped off print. Buy original street art on canvas.

This post is a bit of a rant... rage against the rip offs. Most of our competitors sell banksy graffiti art on canvas. His street art work blown up and reproduced by the million. We love Banksy hes the absolute super star in urban art world these days but hes become a cash cow for many unscrupulous folk. We decided not to follow this dodgy route and unearthed our own artist Syd TV. Hes been featured on BBC TV and on the Wooster Collective with some of his latest work. Did you see his Jay Zeavis piece for this years Glastonbury Arts Fesitval? Below:

We have a series of original street art canvases available in our on line gallery

from Syd TV. They are all signed by the artist and you never know.... could be worth something in a few years time. You can see more of his art adventures at his website channel Syd TV.

Cheap Canvas Art Gift for the Mother In law? A brown wall triptych! Picture her joy on Christmas day!

Its getting towards that time of the year when your probably starting to think about what to buy the mother in law for Christmas. We are biased of course but could we be so rude as to recommend a triptych artwork from our contemporary range of brown canvas wall art??? Our most popular triptych / triple piece canvas art has been created from an original painting by Martin Shelley below:

Its always a t a great price in our cheap canvas art store. We have lots of other contemporary pieces in our gallery. Why not click this link to see our full range of abstract canvases.

Saturday, 18 October 2008


Canvas lovers, you wont find any scarface wall art at a cheaper price than this. From now and up to Christmas 2008 we are offering this classic movie art picture at just £17.50 including delivery. The red classic canvas art picture features Al Pacino as the ultimate gangster Tony Montana. Say hell to my litte friend... a perfect gift for all lads pads!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

No Surfing this year? Our surf canvas art range could be the answer...

You might be in a similar predicament as the team here at Art By People. With all the excitement involved in running the business, developing our website, and a couple of marriage proposals and weddings into the mix, we have let things slip on the surfing front (we enjoy surfing but lack talent!). Owning your own canvas art business is meant to free up time to do what you want when you want. In fact, our first 'board meeting' was done on the waves of Croyde beach cornwall! ... in reality however, as we find more and more customers we tend to spend more and more time in the office.... get the violins out.

We have a remedy for this issue that we call 'notenoughsurfingitus' , hang more and more surfboard artwork on your wall. Sit back, and imagine the waves and taste the saltwater... its not as good as the real thing but comes a close second place.

We have developed a huge modern contemporary range of surf canvases ranging from photographic scenes to hughly detailed and colourful digital illustrations. Each wall canvas is different in style but united by our lover of surfboarding and the life it represents.

Click to view: Surf and surfing canvas art range

Hope you agree... Adios. ABP.

Friday, 10 October 2008


Some advice on our ranges of wall art products canvas lovers...

At school if you were branded square it meant 'seriously uncool'... Being labled square in the world of canvases means just one thing 'Cool!'

Art By People have about 70 Retro shaped canvases 50 x 50 cm with a deep chunky 4 cm frame. We did this for a reason... to help our customers buid up a string of wall canvases that fit together whatever the content or colour. Just mix and match in our retro category, your sure to find something perfect for you:

Click here for info Our full range of square wall art

Click here for info on how to care for your Canvas Art: Caring for your canvas prints

Click here for info on sizes and picking canvas art: Buying and Picking canvas art

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Boba Fett - Iconic Star Wars Character Captured on Canvas


Are you a Star Wars fan? Had a favorite character as a kid? Usually figuring highly in peoples top ten comes Boba Fett, the mysterious jet packed bounty hunter that features in two of the original (and best!) Star Wars films. Hes the dude that caught Han Solo and arranged his carbonite deep freeze for Jabba.

A 'trade' canvas art customer called us a while back with a challenge ... he had booked the actor Jeremy Bulloch (the man behind the mask) to come to his store, meet Star Wars fans, and sign merchandise. Our customer thought it would be great to have some quality Star Wars canvas art prints he could then ask Jeremey (politely!) to sign. We supplied a number of professionally designed canvases at a great price... and we are told lots of Star Wars fans went home very happy! (I wonder how much they fetch on ebay?) Heres Jeremy to the right, signing our quality retro canvas art prints.

The moral of the story is... if you want to buy canvas art in quantities over five, then contact us as we pride ourselves in having the flexibility to do you a great price deal.
PS - Heres a link that proves that fella above really is Boba Fett!

Click here for more info on Understanding Canvas Art Terminology

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