Wednesday, 15 October 2008

No Surfing this year? Our surf canvas art range could be the answer...

You might be in a similar predicament as the team here at Art By People. With all the excitement involved in running the business, developing our website, and a couple of marriage proposals and weddings into the mix, we have let things slip on the surfing front (we enjoy surfing but lack talent!). Owning your own canvas art business is meant to free up time to do what you want when you want. In fact, our first 'board meeting' was done on the waves of Croyde beach cornwall! ... in reality however, as we find more and more customers we tend to spend more and more time in the office.... get the violins out.

We have a remedy for this issue that we call 'notenoughsurfingitus' , hang more and more surfboard artwork on your wall. Sit back, and imagine the waves and taste the saltwater... its not as good as the real thing but comes a close second place.

We have developed a huge modern contemporary range of surf canvases ranging from photographic scenes to hughly detailed and colourful digital illustrations. Each wall canvas is different in style but united by our lover of surfboarding and the life it represents.

Click to view: Surf and surfing canvas art range

Hope you agree... Adios. ABP.


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