Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Christmas Canvas Cracker - Spend £100 total and get a free triptych wall print treat!

Christmas just around the corner so we thought it best to get our festive canvas promotion in early. Its an easy one to get your head around. Choose £100 worth (or more) of canvas art from our online shop. We already have bargain prices on our range of high quality canvases so you'll easily be able to find two or three artworks to suit your taste.

Once you have checked out with a basket of £100 you'll get an order confirmation with an email address on it. Email us direct (or call!) with the choice of the triptych canvas from the range below. Just quote the order code. Your free quality triptych canvas print will be included in your order. Easy.

Three of examples of the free triptychs available below:

(code 426)

(code 410)

(code 151)


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