Thursday, 6 November 2008

Poly V Cotton - Whats right for Canvas Wall Art Prints?

A canvas print generally is available in two types. Poly or cotton.

Poly Canvas:

Generally cheaper than cotton canvas prints. Lightweight at 250gsm which makes it good for shipping. Not best when used for black and white canvas artwork as changes in light conditions can sometimes create issues lon term. Great for artists and photographers wishing to retail work at around the £30 - £50. Often found in places like Ikea and other mass merchandisers. It can feel cheap to touch also, with the tactile nature of canvas art you may have some customers disliking this format.


1. Feels like a cheap canvas
2. Suffers with metamerism
3. Not great for black and whites


1. Price of canvases
2. Can add a canvas coat easily for gloss effects
4. Canvas Can still be hand stretched
5. Good for shipping modern artworks


Cotton canvas comes in various thicknesses and qualities. Genrally a 350gsm canvas is a good sign of quality standards. Look for branded canvas options to avoid cheap imports.


1. Only ever consider if canvas GSM is 350 and above
2. Whiteness is at 90 - 95%
3. Sometimes cotton seeds are visible to the naked eye - although some customers prefer the rugged artist touched canvas look.


1. Genrally good quality and at reasonable price - you get the canvas you pay for!
2. Easy to stretch cotton canvases. Anyone can do it.
3. Easy to purchases
4. Shipping generally not a problem.


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