Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Land Rover Defender Canvas Art Exclusive to Art By People

Roll up, roll up... come and have a look at our fantastic and exclusive Land Rover Defender canvas art print. The artwork is taken from a souped up tombraider car style beast with all the motoring add ons... chunky tyres, snorkel, etc etc... a great gift for the land rover enthusiast / geek! Click the picture to link to the site :

Snowboarding Art - Snowboard Canvas Art Niche! Snowboarders read this...

Hello one and all. Art By People are proud to present the biggest collection of snowboarding and snowboard canvas art prints and pictures in our online gallery. We sell a range of small and large single and triptych adventure sport artworks to cater for most sports enthusiasts tastes.

You wont find our snowboarder wall canvases in any other art galleries as they are all exclusive to Art By People and strictly limited edition.

Art By People based in Malmesbury Wiltshire - Things to do...

One of the cool things about an Internet canvas art business is that if done right you can locate yourself anywhere you want. Whilst some business folk opt for the bustling (& polluted) streets of a big city like London, our business settled in the tranquil and historical town of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, nestled on the outskirts of the Cotswolds.

Its one of England's most historic places with some exceptional architecture bundled together to make a destination packed with character. The streets are not for the faint hearted as they were mainly built for the rather narrow horse and cart. In fact Malmesbury is England's oldest borough dating back heavily to the years of King Athelstan. Below is a picture of the Market Cross at the heart of the town, an ancient 800 year old monument used (and still used at the Saturday farmers market!) to sell your wears.

You will also undoubtedly bump into our wonderfully imposing Abbey at the heart of the town which dates back to 676 AD. A place rich in history and beauty that acts as a beacon for all our residents. (below)

Last but not least follow the bustling shops to the town centre and you will surely trundle into the Abbey House Gardens run creatively by Ian and Barbara Pollard (also known as the Naked Gardeners). An imaginative and creative are of gardens packed with exotic colourful flowers and sculpture.

As you can see what Malmesbury lacks in hustle and bustle it more than makes up for in history and heritage. Enjoy.

Canvas Art Prints & Pictures Sale Continues into January 2009

Well what a Happy Christmas we had at Art By People. Lots of lovely new orders from lots of happy canvas art customers. Its great to know that many folk unwrap our quality but cheap prints and canvases on Christmas day and often come back for more in January. Thats why we have extended our sale into January so customers can benefit from our very competitive sale pricing at this 'belt and braces' time of year.

We hope this ongoing deal helps you in your efforts to smash the credit crunch. Remember all our canvas art has a no quibble 100% satisfaction guaranteed - if you dont like when you have hung your wall artwork in your contemporary living space then just drop us a line and we can arrange a refund once you have returned the canvas back to Art By People HQ.

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