Thursday, 12 February 2009

Original Painted Canvas Art Pictures - Media used, Acrylics and Passion.

Some more exclusive news on work in progress from the team at Art By People.
At our last team meeting a few weeks back (see local pub for food and beers) we decided it would be fun an interesting to take a closer look at the abstract world of painted canvas art. A bit more effort required from our arty team but we are hoping the results will be something unique and special to our canvas art website.

So the big idea is to produce bespoke canvases for customers who want something thats completely individual but still matchs neatly into their current or planned decor. Click on the image below to see full details.

Its still in the infancy stages and we hope to develop the idea a lot more when we finally make a move into our new gallery / studios. We'll concentrate on the primary and current in fashion colours with a series of distinctive designs that can then be tweaked to individual customer preferences.

Still work in progress but exciting to the max all the same.


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