Thursday, 26 March 2009


Here it is ... the VW Retro Campervan Print that dresses a thousand lounges. Get in quick because this little baby sells faster than any other canvas print known to mankind.

Why does it look so good?

1. Its Retro cool and Iconic
2. Its square and 50 x 50cm , perfect to fit any space big or small.
3. It created in great neutral but eye catching colours
4. Its a classic split screen vw camper, the coolest of cool v dubs

Click the image to link back to our website ... Ta muchly

PS - why not go large for a little more wonga?

New Zealand Triptych Canvas Art Print Triple - Now back in stock!

Exciting times... our very exclusive and top selling triptych landscape canvas is now back in stock folks. One of our favourite sunset scenes from New Zealand. Stretched across three identical sized canvas frames measuring a huge 90 x 68cm. Priced at a very reasonable £85 including delivery to UK addresses.

Click the picture below to link to our Art By People website:

Ski Canvas Art Prints & Pictures x 2 - Now back in stock...

Do you dream of the ski slopes most nights when your sat in your lounge most nights fighting the credit crunch? We can help, bring the piste back into your lounge with our exclusive skiing canvas prints. Now back in stock, two of our most popular canvases for the snow enthusiasts. Click on the image you like best below, they are linked to our main website:

Monday, 2 March 2009

Art by People canvas hits The Sunday Times newspaper

Great news for one of our exclusive street graffiti artists this weekend. Both Syd TV and got a lovely mention in an article titled 'Revival of the fittest' in the Homes Section. An article that focused on the influence of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwins birth and his subsequent influence on the evolution of contemporary interiors.

'The final word on the primate theme goes to Syd TV, a street artist whose canvas Darwin was Wrong shows a progression from gun-toting human to well-balanced ape '

Heres the canvas in question linked to it in our store:

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