Monday, 18 May 2009

A rough canvas picture guide to the Art By People gallery.

 Photograph Pictures

At Art by People we pride ourselves on looking out for the unusual for the photographic print section of our canvas art pictures. We realise that many companies producing canvas art, like to produce pictures that are just like posters for walls. At art by people we have a passion for the dynamic picture. Our favourite pictures show sports in action and lift the photograph into an artwork. Our outdoor sports pictures reflect the adrenaline rush of the more daring sports we feature. We take pride in our skiing, surfing, rollerblading and climbing pictures knowing they are exciting images that add to the life of any room where they are displayed.



When we select a more scenic picture to print on canvas, we again want it to be more than just an image on a wall. Our New Zealand picture is a good example of this. Split into 3 sections this stunning picture of sunset in that magical country is so much more than any average picture. It is a photographic artwork. 

A good photograph creates and atmosphere and when we select a picture it does just that. Using the vast space of the sky and contrasting this with the small cyclist image our photographer has created something different from the usual. Our canvas art pictures are exclusive to us so you can always buy with confidence.

Digital images

In the 21st century, art is moving in a multitude of directions and artists are quick to seize on all modern technology to create images that will tell the story of out century to future generations. The digital image made possible by computer generation has offered a new outlet for the artistic talents of contemporary artists. Quick to use the facilities, on demand at the click of a mouse, the artistic skill lies in the way these images are manipulated in new and original ways. Imagine how Andy Warhol would have relished the technology of today.


Stencil Art



Street Art is a fascinating art form, growing out of the rebellion of the graffiti artist expressing his individual view of our society. Artists such as Banksy, Eeles and have turned to the stencil as a way of reproducing their edgy street art for a mass market. There are often elements of humour in the work coupled with insightful comment on the issues of our times. Art by People believe this contemporary movement is producing some of the most interesting and collectable canvas art of today.


Abstract Art


This movement that reached its peak in the 20th century is still producing some of the most effective art of today. The way any of the multimedia used by artists can speak to the inner spirit of the viewer, through the abstract forms on a canvas is a constant miracle. The use of the abstract form to express inner feelings provides some of the most successful work sold by Art by People. Translated to canvas art prints and pictures, abstract art is always a popular subject.




We loosely call some of the artwork featured on our web site as ‘impressionistic’ because it is hard to describe. The artwork does not aim to be photographic, there is no point in doing what a camera can do better than an artist. Our artists try to add to the vision by bringing their own style and technique into the picture. The canvas art prints, available exclusively through Art by People, enable art to be available for home display at a very affordable price. The vision of the individual artist is there to be shared and enjoyed by all.



A picture of the sunset sky painted with fluid brush strokes, a sunlit sea with dolphins or a cheering football crowd painted with vigour is in the spirit of the impressionist movement. We hope you both agree and enjoy as much as we do.




Traditionally black and white sketches have been used by artists as a quick way of recording their observation of objects or scenes. There has always been a place in art collections for good draughtsmanship. In the modern interior this is still a good way of creating that corner of interest reflecting the interest of the owner. The media of the canvas art print gives the sketches a contemporary feel. 



Square Art


Art with a very modern feel is often painted or printed on a square shaped canvas. This shape has a very contemporary look. Artists in the 21st century are conscious of the way art is displayed today. The simple square offers that essential sleek look belonging to an uncluttered room, clean, simple and yet drawing the eye in to look. 


Another distinct advantage of the square canvas is the pictures can be grouped well. A block of four pictures all square with colours that harmonise become a statement piece. Two or three pictures side by side can be stunning in their effect. At Art by People, we know that people buying from us are really interested in art. They will display our canvas art pictures with as much care as the artists who created them. 



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