Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Muhammad Ali Canvas Art Stencil on a Cool Retro Duck Egg Print

We love this.... take a duck egg blue classic retro stripes canvas and then get Muhammad Ali to smash the living cripes into the stripes with one of his trademark blunderbuss punches. 

The iconic Muhammad Ali picture is hand-sprayed stencil onto a top grade canvas print. Its a knockout and highly original execution of arguably the greatest boxer and sportsman to ever live. 

Each canvas is then finished with the cool Art By People branding on the right hand 4cm frame. For more info on prices and size visit our website please.


Eric Cantona Canvas Art - Hand-sprayed Picture of this Iconic former footballer

Morning all. Eric Cantona is back in the news at the moment with his recent film release of 'Looking for Eric' directed by Ken Loach. This inspired one of the the gang at Art By People to design a lovely handsprayed stencil picture on canvas of this great iconic former Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona

Crisp clean and simple, classic red background featuring Erics iconic 'upturned collar' pose. Each one is highly creative and individual as they are hand sprayed to order. You wont find anything else like this on the web.

Monday, 8 June 2009

80's Retro Music Art Stencils onto Canvas - Ghetto Blasters meet TDK tape.

A throwback to the 80's, the days of music played from an object not a hard disk drive. Some say these days were more fun... travelling to parties with your own personal boombox and a ruck sack full of TDK tapes. You may have even recorded (illegally) the top 40 songs on a Sunday afternoon. Kill the Ipod and bring back the good old ghetto blaster.

These two 80's artworks work nicely as a pair. They are hand sprayed from a series of stencils using only the finest graffiti spray paint. The are both on whopping huge 80 x 60cm canvases with a chunky 4cm deep frame. Each canvas is then sprayed with the distinctive Art By People logo to give it that look of exclusivity and originality. 


New David Beckham Stencil Canvas Art Picture on Retro Print Framed block canvas

Love him or loathe David Beckham he certainly transfers to canvas pictures pretty easily - photogenic is the guys middle name (jealous not??!?). Check out this great new artwork by Art By People. Its an iconic portrait of one of Englands most highly capped football stars and ex Captains. 

Once of Manchester United under the great Alex Ferguson then onto Real Madrid for an eventful few years. He now plies his trade at AC Milan in Italy in the hope of keeping his bench warming spot given to him by Fabio Cappello in the run up to the football world cup in 2010. 

This canvas rocks as its hand finished by one of our exclusive artists at the 'Stencil Factory' . Its completed with a four layer stencil thats painstakingly cut to act as layers for the spray-paint. Its sprayed on top of one of our favourite retro abstract designs to give it that cool modern contemporary finish. 


'Why so serious?'

New and with much love from Art By People we would like to introduce the late and the great iconic oscar winning Heath Ledger from last years box off hit 'Batman The Dark Knight' . Heath Ledger takes this role and gives it life as never before, made all the more poignant after his sad death before its eventual release in 2008. 

One of our street / graffiti artists Syd TV developed this portrait canvas artwork for our store Art By People , what makes it stand out is the stenciling technique that gives each one its uniqueness. An incredibly time consuming process of overlaying and then hand spray painting each colour to build towards the final dramatic picture. 

Its sprayed using blacks, whites, greys, purples and reds straight onto a neatly sized 50 x 50cm cotton canvas with a 4cm deep frame. We also brand the side of the canvas with our distinctive Art By People logo to give added effect and authenticity. 

Its caused quite a stir on some of the street art forums such as Banksy .info. Get in quick as this artwork will be on a very short run... as soon As Syd TV's purple paint runs out we will cease production. No more than 10 will be produced we reckon.

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