Thursday, 20 May 2010

Canvas Colour is Back!

At Art By People we are always watching trends and changes in style. Over the last two months there has been a definite change in the canvas art pictures sold on our web site. Perhaps it is the change of seasons or a change in mood, but the number of canvas art pictures with colour packed up for sending to our customers is on the up and up.

I recently had one client who has changed all of his pictures and carefully selected our brightest images. This started me thinking and a trawl through the magazines and a good look at the windows of the high street confirms the trend. I guess that the move from the minimal to the use of colour in the home is here to stay.

Looking at our web site you will find artbypeople pictures in a wide range of colours. I have even included a colour picker to help you choosing pictures to suit the mood of a room.

Buttercups by Martin Shelley

Colour effects our attitude to life and there is a whole study of colour and psychology. In time of recession we all need cheering up. Our pictures are all competitively priced. Another good reason to visit the web site.

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